We’re giving away some truly epic goodie bags for our launch event! Take part in our contest at our Facebook page to win!

Here’s how YOU can win:

  1. Head on over to our Facebook post.
  2. Like the post
  3. Comment with which new feature you are looking forward to in Reaper of Souls
Example post: I can’t wait for ROS! Looking forward to the new Crusader class! From Malaysia.

The post with the most number of likes wins so make sure to share your post with as many friends as possible!

Each winner will walk away with:

  • A pair of goodie bags, each bag consisting of:
    • One Funko figurine (assorted design)
    • One Blizzcon gachapon figurine (assorted design)
    • One Reaper of Souls T-Shirt (assorted sizes)

Contest starts 10 March 2014 and ends 22 March 2014.

* Please keep all postings clean/polite. All inflammatory postings will be deleted by our moderator.

* Each winner will get two goodie bags, to be collected at the event venue.

* All winners must possess a Diablo III account as of 22 March 2014.

Terms and Conditions Apply